Furniture Donation

When it’s time to replace that old couch with a new one, find a kitchen table that fits the whole family, or just get a bigger bed, most people are more concerned with the new furniture than with the old. However, something has to be done with that perfectly usable old couch that just doesn’t fit the new décor. Furniture donation can be a great way to get rid of the old stuff without throwing it away or having to go through the hassle of selling it.

How Donation Helps

Furniture donation not only gets rid of unwanted items from those who have grown tired of their old furniture, but it also helps many of those who are unable to afford new furniture get stuff that is new to them. Many families are unable to afford beds that cost upwards of $500, couches that range from $300-$1000, or kitchen tables that cost $300. Yet, they still have children who need somewhere to sleep and a place for the family to gather for supper. By donating gently used furniture pieces, those more well off are able to help provide discounted and affordable furniture for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

How to Find a Local Donation Center

To find a local donation center, most can start by looking online. Groups like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the Furniture Bank Association, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters have donation centers in nearly every large town and most small towns across America. Visiting the websites of any of these organizations can produce lists of available furniture donation centers in the area, or offer contact information for local pickup services. Individuals can also choose to donate their furniture to their church, veterans groups, or homeless and batter women’s shelters. All of these types of places will be more than happy to find families that can benefit from generous donations of useful household items.

What to Donate

Not every piece of furniture is equally desired by struggling families, and as such, a number of donation sites will refuse to accept certain items. For example, though many resolute Americans vow to get in shape this year, they often try to unload their unused exercise equipment by spring. Donation centers are uninterested in these items and will often turn away those who try to give them away. Likewise, most appliances are unusable or outdated by the time they are given away, and will also be rejected. Only useful and necessary furniture such as beds, couches, tables, and chairs are accepted by all furniture donation centers. These items should be in good shape and show few signs of wear and tear.

Every year, Americans donate over one million pieces of furniture to charities and donation centers across the country. If an individual is interested in getting rid of his or her gently used furniture, he or she should check out local charities to see what types of furniture they are currently seeking. A short time later, a new family could be enjoying and using what others would just throw away.